Error: legacy-install-failure with pip install – Causes and solutions

In Python, you can install library packages with the pip command. Using pip is convenient because you only need to copy or type a command to install and manage. Sometimes in the process of installing a library, you will encounter the error “Error: legacy-install-failure with pip install”. Let’s find a solution together.

Why does Error: legacy-install-failure with pip install happen?

There are some libraries when you install it. This error will occur. Let’s look at the different cases.

When installing the gensim package

When you install Gensim with the following command:

pip install gensim

Error: legacy-install-failure with pip install can happen because you use an old version of pip, pip is used to install packages, and the wheel is for pip to reference. The solution in this case is to upgrade both pip and wheel

When installing the Pandas package

Pandas is a high-level library for manipulating data. It’s flexible and fast. The error may occur because Pandas does not support the version of Python that you are installing on your machine.

When installing the Basemap package

Basemap is a tool to help you quickly create maps. It’s based on the matplotlib library. It has geographic projections that allow plotting subcomponents, boundaries, etc. This library is very prone to errors when you install it via pip. The best way is to download and install it.

How to fix Error: legacy-install-failure with pip install

Depending on different library packages, there will be different solutions.

Solution when installing Gensim

The error may be caused by you using an old version of pip. Try upgrading pip and wheel

The first is to upgrade pip with the syntax:

python - m pip install – upgrade pip

Then upgrade the wheel with the syntax:

pip install - upgrade wheel

next upgrade setuptools

pip install - upgrade setuptools

And finally, proceed to install Gensim:

pip install gensim

Solution when installing Pandas

The cause of the error may be because Pandas does not support the version of pip you are using. Try installing via pipwin

First, install pipwin with the syntax:

pip install pipwin

Then use pipwin to install Pandas with the syntax:

pipwin install pandas

This can help you to solve the error and help you to install Pandas

Solution when installing Basemap

For Basemap, you should proceed to download by going to the following website and install it.

Then if you are using Windows, you install the syntax:

pip install [basemap package that you have downloaded]

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The article has shown the cause of the Error: legacy-install-failure with pip install is mainly due to use old of versions, the best solution is to download directly the package you want to install and upgrade to the new pip version. Hope you resolve the error quickly.

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