How To Escape Quotes In A String Using JavaScript?

Escape Quotes in a String using JavaScript

If you still don’t know how to escape quotes in a string using JavaScript, this tutorial is helpful for you. Take a look at these methods mentioned in this article to find the answer.

Escape quotes in a string using JavaScript

Method 1: Using backsplash character

The first approach I want to introduce to you is using escape characters. In JavaScript, the backslash (\) character is placed before the single quotes or double quotes in your string as an escape character. It is responsible for converting special characters into string characters.

Example 1:

const message1 = 'I\'m sorry. That\'s all my fault';
const message2 = '\"Flashlight\" is my favourite song';


I'm sorry. That's all my fault
"Flashlight" is my favourite song

As you can see, putting a backslash before every single quote or double quote helps us to escape the quotes in the string.

Method 2: Using the backticks

Another method I want to mention that helps you escape quotes in strings is to use the backticks (`) character.

Using backticks as the outermost bracket makes it possible to use both single and double quotes in strings normally.

Take a look at this example:

Example 2:

const message = `That's music is from the movie "Harry Potter"`
console.log(message )


That's music is from the movie "Harry Potter"

As a result, your string is surrounded by the backticks (`), so you are free to use single and double quotes in the string without having to escape them.

Method 3: Changing the outer quotes

There is still one more simple way to help escape quotes in a string. We use alternating single and double quotes. That means when we use single quotes as outer quotes of the string, we can use double quotes as string characters and vice versa.

Example 3:

const message1 = 'She greeted me: "Have a nice day, Steve"'
const message2 = "It's right there"


She greeted me: "Have a nice day, Steve"
It's right there

The results displayed on the console window are still as we expected. This method can be considered the most straightforward way for you to escape the quotes in a string.

One last thing I want to remind you: In JavaScript, strings enclosed in double quotes or single quotes are exactly the same. There is no difference between them. So don’t worry about which character you should use. You can check this yourself:

const message1 = 'Study JavaScript'
const message2 = "Study JavaScript"
console.log(message1  == message2)




Finally, I introduced to you some methods to help you escape quotes in a string using JavaScript. Try it out and see the results. Thanks for your interest!

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