How to fix “Module not found: Can’t resolve @babel/runtime/helpers”?

Module not found: Can't resolve @babel/runtime/helpers

This article will tell you why the Module not found: Can’t resolve @babel/runtime/helpers happen again and how to fix it using install @babel/runtime or check your dependencies method.

When does the error “Module not found: Can’t resolve @babel/runtime/helpers” happen?

@Babel/runtime is a library that includes helpers for the Babel modular runtime. This is intended to be used with the Babel plugin @babel/plugin-transform-runtime as a runtime dependency. Babel may occasionally inject code into the output consistent across files and thus potentially reusable.

If you are working on a project and get the error with package @babel/runtime, it will show an error like below:

Module not found: Can't resolve '@babel/runtime/helpers/objectWithoutPropertiesLoose'

How to fix this error?

Then this article is for you, so how do we fix the error “Module not found: Can’t resolve @babel/runtime/helpers” and follow the methods below to be able to handle it?

Install @babel/runtime

This error can appear because your project is missing the specific package here @babel/runtime. We can fix it by reinstalling it. You can install this package with either of the following commands depending on whether you are using npm or yarn.


npm install --save @babel/runtime
yarn add @babel/runtime

After running the command, you wait until the program completes, and then you rerun the program with the command “npm start” and see if the program still shows the error. If it is still there, you can refer to the method below.

Check your dependencies method

If you have installed the package and still show an error when running the program, you can try to check your dependencies in the package.json file to see if you have installed the correct version of the library or not. There are some cases when you have installed the library, but the dependencies are still incorrect with the library version. What should you do?


"dependencies": {
    "@babel/runtime": "^7.20.1",

The above code is what I got in the project after installing @babel/runtime, and my program can generally run. The time I received this version is November 2022. If your project does not show the latest version after installation, you can manually add dependencies. Hope the above methods are helpful to you.


In summary, to fix the error “Module not found: Can’t resolve @babel/runtime/helpers”, we have some ways mentioned in the article. However, we recommend installing the package to get the most thorough fix. Wish you a good day!

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