How To Fix “Cannot Find Module ‘uuid'” Error

Cannot find module 'uuid' error

Continuing with the series of Javascript tutorials, today I will help you solve the Cannot find module ‘uuid’ error. The following article will show you the cause of this error and some solutions to fi it. Please follow along.

What does the Cannot find module ‘uuid’ error in Javascript mean?

With an error message described as “cannot find module ‘uuid'” error, you can understand that your project is missing the uuid module.

With my project below with no uuid module installed, I would reproduce the error code as follows:

import { uuid } from 'uuidv4';

The above two statements request a uuid module that Javascript supports, then print a uuid version 4 code provided to your computer. However, since the uuid module is not installed, it will show an error message.


Error [ERR_MODULE_NOT_FOUND]: Cannot find package 'models' imported from D:\workspace\nodejs\code\main.js

Solution to fix this error

Install module uuid

Of course, your project is missing the ‘uuid’ module. You must install it before using it.

For module ‘uuid’, there are currently versions from 1 to 5, depending on your needs, choose the appropriate version.


npm install uuidv4

Here is the syntax to install the ‘uuid’ module on your project. If you want to install it on the whole machine and use it for other projects, use the following syntax:

npm install -g uuidv4

To check the installation result, try creating a uuid. If the result is no error and returns a uuid string, it means it was successful.


// Import uuid by require function
import { uuid } from 'uuidv4';

// Show the result



My experience when installing any module is to use the latest versions. It has almost complete features of the latest version but is more stable than the latest version. The latest version usually tests new features, and based on user experience, the publisher will edit and finalize that version. For that reason, in this tutorial, I have chosen version 4 for the project.

Remove and reinstall module uuid

Installing any module with npm is always risky. If you have tried to install module ‘uuid’ but are still not successful, please delete all ‘uuid’ modules on your machine or in your project and reinstall them.

To delete the module ‘uuid’ we do the following:

npm uninstall uuidv4


npm uninstall uuid

If you want to delete the whole computer, add the prefix global like this:

npm uninstall -g uuid

After the deletion is complete, proceed to reinstall as instructed above. However, I will provide a new test method. After getting the uuid, I will use isUuid() to check whether it is my id. If true, it returns true. If false, it returns false.

// Import uuid by require function
import { uuid } from 'uuidv4';

// Check uuid




In the article, I have shown you the cause and how to fix the Cannot find module ‘uuid’ error. To make sure the ‘uuid’ module is installed in your project, I recommend 2-factor authentication before moving on to the following steps to complete it. Hope you study well!

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