How To List All Resources In An AWS Account

List all Resources in an AWS Account

If you are looking for a way to List all Resources in an AWS Account, check out the content of this article now.

List All Resources In An AWS Account

Follow the steps below, and you will get all the resources of an AWS account in all regions:

Step 1 – Ensure you are signed in to the AWS Manage Console.

Step 2 – Choose Service on the top left corner of the navigation bar. Then in the menu box, click on Management & Governance, choose Resource Groups & Tag Editor.

Or you can search for Resource Groups & Tag Editor directly on the search bar.

Step 3 – Select Tag Editor under Tagging in the navigation. 

Step 4 – In Resource Type, select  All supported resource types, and in Region, select All regions.

Step 5 – Click the Search resources button to list all resources in all regions.

For example, that is the result you might receive. Let’s take a look at the information here.

We have six fields in the resource table:

  1. Identifier – a value to identify each resource
  2. Tag: Name – the resource Name tag. In case that resource does not have a Name tag, the value will be ‘(not tagged)‘ as shown above.
  3. Service – the corresponding service that the resource provides
  4. Type – the type of resource
  5. Region – the region where the resource is useable
  6. Tags – the number of tags of that resource

Eventually, we have listed all the resources in an AWS account. You can find out more for yourself here.

For example, with Tag editor, you can add, edit or delete tags of multiple resources at once. You can also download the resource’s data as CSV,… 


To sum up, I showed you the steps to List all Resources in an AWS Account. Thanks for your interest in this tutorial.

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