How To Remove Everything After Specific Character In JavaScript

remove everything after specific Character in JavaScript

In this tutorial, I will show you how to remove everything after specific Character in JavaScript. You can use some common JavaScript string methods like substring(), split(), slice() and replace().

Remove everything after specific Character in JavaScript

Method 1: Use substring() method

The method substring(start, end) returns a string containing all characters which have index value from start to end-1. To remove everything after a specific character, you need to know the first index where this character appears in the original string. You can do it by using the indexOf() method.

In this example, I use the substring method to remove everything after the space character, so I can get the first name from a full name.

Example code:

let fullName = "Albert Einstein";
let firstName = fullName.substring(0, fullName.indexOf(' '));
console.log('First name:', firstName);


First name: Albert

Method 2: Use split() method

Another way to remove everything after a specific character is by using the split() method. It can split the original string into substrings separated by a character. So you can get the first substring as the result you want.

In this example, I want to remove all characters after the dash to get the name from the contact. The split() method returns an array of two elements: the name before the dash, and the address after it. So I can get the name at the index 0.

Example code:

let contact = "John Watson-221b Baker St, London, United Kingdom";
let name = contact.split('-')[0];
console.log('Name:', name);


Name: John Watson

Method 3: Use slice() method.

The slice() method is similar to the substring() method, so you also need to use the indexOf() method to find the first index of the character you want.

The only difference between the slice() and substring() methods is that the slice() method can be used with a negative index. But in this case, for the purpose of removing the part after a specific character, you don’t need to pay attention to that difference.

In the example below, I use the slice() and indexOf() methods to get the homepage of our from the URL of the JavaScript category.

Example code:

let url = "";
let homepage = url.slice(0, url.indexOf('/'));
console.log('Homepage:', homepage);



Method 4: Use replace() method with a regular expression.

You can use the replace() method to replace everything after a character with an empty string. For example, you can remove everything after a slash character to get the first folder of a directory. The regex /\/.*/ is used to match one or more characters starting with a forward slash.

Example code:

let directory = "Users/Admin/Desktop/LearnShareIT";
firstFolder = directory.replace(/\/.*/, '');
console.log('First folder:', firstFolder);


First folder: Users


In this tutorial, I showed you some ways to remove everything after specific Character in JavaScript. You can use the substring() or slice() methods combine with the indexOf() method. You can also use the split() method or a more robust way with the replace() method and a regular expression.

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