How To Solve Error “Git Cannot Be Resolved To Branch” In Git?

Git cannot be resolved to branch

Anyone can use Github to learn new concepts or share their programs with other programmers. While using Github, there might be some errors that prevent you from completing your work, and “git cannot be resolved to branch” is one of them.

How does the error “git cannot be resolved to branch” happen?

Git cannot be resolved to branch” is a common error related to the branch names in Git. The below explanations can help you know more about the cause of error and solutions.

This error happens due to the following reason:

Firstly, if you want to push the branch created to Git, you might check its branch status:

cd learnshareit
git status


On branch LearnShareIT1

As we have said, this is an issue related to branch names. In some cases, you may not get the latest master branch as the branch still appears in your current folder but disappears in real Git.

git push origin LearnShareIT1


fatal: LearnShareIT1 cannot be resolved to branch.

So what is the cause? This error occurs because there may be some mistakes in the current branch. Maybe somebody deleted it in Git, and you have not updated it. Otherwise, you didn’t check what the branch names are, and hence there are two branches which have the same name (case-insensitive).

git branch



The two branches LearnShareIT1 and LearnshareIT1 have the same name if you don’t consider them case-sensitive. And when you do the push command, it will also cause the error. This is because the “LearnshareIT1” folder (second folder) has the same name as LearnShareIT1, which was already created. Therefore, the second folder and future branches will have conflicts with the first folder.

How to solve this error?

Solution 1: Update the branch

Git cannot be resolved to branch” error in Git occurs because of the Git branches. To fix it, you will have to check with ‘pull’ commands on the master branch:

git pull


git pull origin (master branch)

Then create a new branch:

git checkout -b LearnshareIT1

And check out the branch created and push it again.

git push origin LearnshareIT1

Solution 2: Check branch name spelling

Sometimes this happens when you mistakenly check out a wrong branch, make a commit on the same wrong branch and then do a push. For example, you have a branch named LearnShareIT1 but you push the branch with the name: LearnshareIT1 (the letter ‘s’ is lowercase). Therefore, the error occurs. We suggest you should check the correct spelling of the branch name again.

Now if you have checked carefully and the error still happens. Maybe you have 2 branches with the same name (case insensitive compared), as we have explained in the section above. Naming two branches with the same name is one of the things that should be avoided in Git. To change the different name, use the following command:

First, pull the git

git pull

After that, rename the branch with:

git branch -m LearnIT

Then use the following command to push the code:

git push --set-upstream origin LearnIT


We have learned how to deal with the error “git cannot be resolved to branch” in Git. You can quickly solve the problem by checking the Git branch name or Git pull and finding out the reasons causing this problem in this tutorial.

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